Pawfect Scents create wax melts which are safe to burn around dogs. Presented in a cute paw print shape these melts provide 8-10 hours of beautiful scent.

At Pawfect Scents, we have lived with dogs for many years and are always looking for ways to improve the lifestyle and well being of our fur babies.

We wanted to create a wax melt that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, as 70% of wax melts and candles sold by high street stores can contain ingredients which can be harmful to your dog.

Ingredients such as Paraffin Wax, Lead, Benzene, artificial colours and scents can all play a significant part in your dog’s health and can cause damage to the central nervous system or cause respiratory problems.

Having spending months researching which essential oils are safe for dogs, Pawfect Scents was created.

All of our Essential Collection Wax melts are perfect for dog loving homes and are vegan friendly. Click here to buy yours.

Pawfect Scents Wax Melts for Dogs

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